· JC Mackintosh leads the bluefin tuna market in Spain with the world-renowned MSC sustainable fishing certificate.
· Also, it is the first Andalusian fishery of any type of fish and seafood certified under the MSC sustainable fishing standard.
· The MSC Sustainable Fishing Certificate is widely recognized as the most rigorous and valued assessment process in the world.

Tarifa, September 12, 2022 - JC Mackintosh, a leading company in the fishing and distribution of wild bluefin tuna, after more than three years of independent auditing and having demonstrated its sustainable practices, has achieved the Marine Stewardship Council Sustainable Fishing certification ( MSC) for 100% of their catches, successfully passing the most demanding sustainable fishing audit process.

The species certified under the MSC standard is the bluefin tuna (Thunnus Thynnus) from the North Atlantic, which Atún Rojo del Estrecho S.L., whose trade name is JC Mackintosh, catches on request by hand, with a hook and one by one in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar throughout the year for sale in the national market and exports to Italy, the United Arab Emirates and France, among others.

JC Mackintosh has announced that, after a long process, it has reached a new milestone in sustainable fishing, obtaining the world-renowned MSC certification for all its catches. The independent evaluation with satisfactory results has been carried out based on a process that takes scientific indicators of sustainable fishing and traceability of fishery products under the three principles of the MSC Standard: the health of the bluefin tuna population, minimization of the impact on the marine environment as a whole and an effective fisheries management system. The MSC blue seal and its certification program recognize and reward sustainable fishing practices and also help create a more sustainable market for seafood.

MSC is the only international wild-catch fisheries ecolabelling and certification program that meets the good practice requirements set forth by both the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Accreditation and Labeling Alliance. Social and Environmental (ISEAL).

“Bluefin tuna fishing in Andalusia is an activity of great social and economic importance that provides highly appreciated fish. Thanks to the combined efforts of the relevant stakeholders, the recovery plan developed in ICCAT has made it possible to reverse the situation in which the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna population found itself 15 years ago. If we want to guarantee the future of this population, the current management plan must continue to be implemented effectively. We congratulate the Cádiz company JC Mackintosh, for being a pioneer in Spain in certifying its fishing operations for this species with respect to the MSC sustainable fishing standard. We are delighted that very soon consumers around the world will be able to enjoy MSC blue label bluefin tuna.” Laura Rodríguez, MSC program director for Spain and Portugal.


JC Mackintosh fishes on demand, thus reducing the dramatic consequences of overfishing. In addition, through a unique homegrown technique in Europe known as The Mackintosh 5 Steps (Stressless Capture, Ike Jime Slaughter, Complete Bleeding, Eviscerated and Controlled Cooling) which is carried out on board, one by one and immediately after the tuna has been caught, JC Mackintosh gets the highest quality possible from this magnificent animal. It is its condition of artisanal fishing that allows it to produce excellent quality bluefin tuna.

Bluefin tuna, known as Iberian tuna from the sea, is a gourmet product that has great health properties, since its content is high in fatty acids such as Omega-3, vitamins and minerals. In Spain, and more specifically in Tarifa, we have a product of excellent quality that is highly valued, a true diamond in the rough that must be known how to treat it in order to extract its maximum splendor.

JC Mackintosh has always cultivated excellence. Sustainability, Quality and Animal Welfare are its commitments. For this, it carries out rigorous controls combining tradition, experience and the most modern technique. The fishing, slaughter, preparation and delivery processes are controlled according to the strictest food safety requirements. They have their own tuna fleet of three boats, which are María Inmaculada, Daserbe and Barbara y Sandra, which practice artisanal fishing with a quota of 135 tons per year, a relatively small volume compared to the industrial fishing of bluefin tuna.

“We are bluefin tuna artisans located in Tarifa, passionate about healthy living and fervently convinced of respect for nature. These three qualities, together with the richness of our environment, allow us to develop a sustainable business model whose objective is to offer bluefin tuna of the highest quality to the most demanding consumers. This sustainability and quality binomial is the essence of our business project, which is why we seek certifications such as the prestigious MSC that serve as recognition and guarantee of our commitment.” Juan Carlos Mackintosh, CEO of Atún Rojo del Estrecho, S.L. According to a ClicKoala survey, three out of four consumers value ecological seals when making their purchases. Therefore, this new certification materializes the
JC Mackintosh's commitment to providing consumers with maximum information and transparency in order to carry out responsible consumption.

And it is that year after year, JC Mackintosh continues to fight for the conservation of the oceans and ecosystems. Since its foundation, aspects such as sustainability and social responsibility have been two of the fundamental pillars of the company, transversal to all its activity. MSC Sustainable Fishing Certificate

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