Where: C/ Batalla del Salado, 39. Tarifa

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“Ronqueo” is the traditional quartering of bluefin tuna. Its name comes from the noise the knife makes when it comes into contact with the dorsal spine of the fish. It is a manual quartering done in parts with an explanation of each part of the tuna fish.  It takes a skill acquired only by years of experience and is done by hand, one by one. We will give a detailed explanation of the bluefin tuna and our innovative way of fishing. Our process enables us to obtain the best quality tuna and you will enjoy a sample tasting of our products.

INFORMATION: (+34) 956 68 53 93 · Mobile + WhatsApp: (+34) 603 51 63 23


· The shop sells our full range of JC Mackintosh bluefin tuna, consisting of fresh and smoked, as well as a selection of other gourmet products.

· It has a "ronqueo" room, being the first space in Spain conditioned for live tuna "ronqueo".

· Sustainable design, with lime mortar and recycled PET coverings that meet the brand's sustainability and quality standards.

JC Mackintosh, a leading company in the fishing and distribution of wild bluefin tuna, opens its first Flagship Store in Tarifa. It is a 150m2 temple dedicated to bluefin tuna located at Calle Batalla del Salado, 39. A space created to sell JC Mackintosh bluefin tuna fish to the general public under rigorous Sustainability, Quality and Animal Welfare criteria. Inspired by this sustainability value, the company in charge of the design, Estudio EEBA based in Puerto de Santa María, has created an interior envelope made from recycled PET bottles inspired by the rock formations on the coast of Tarifa.

The place is on the corner of a neoclassical-influenced building on the main avenue of Tarifa. The visitor enters through a series of light arches inspired by the Puerta de Jerez de la Villa as an initiation tunnel. This passage between Panno textiles divides the main room into a sales space and the video room. Going through it means entering the universe of artisanal and sustainable wild bluefin tuna fishing. JC Mackintosh, an artisanal fishing made to order, with hook, by hand and one by one.

The cladding in the main room is made of handmade tile, lime mortar and recycled PET, materials that combine tradition and modernity and that unite the values ​​of the brand. The cobalt blue color that is part of the brand's identity stands out among the stony colors of the space, presented as if they were holes dug into the rock. Several clumps of pink plants enliven the space, a metaphor for the sophistication and delicacy of the JC Mackintosh Bluefin Tuna, also known as “Tuna of the Winds”.
The space is completed with the snoring room, which is the first specially conditioned space in Spain for live tuna snoring in front of a small audience, as well as a lobby for private meetings. In these more intimate areas, the walls and ceilings are joined creating enveloping effects with Japanese-inspired Art and Casamance wallpapers, a country where JC Mackintosh has learned and adapted the fishing technique of The 5 Mackintosh Steps to the needs of the European market.

The furniture in this space is completed with armchairs from Casual and the table from Inclass. The travertine floors are matte and glossy Marazzi porcelain cut according to the design of Estudio EEBA, these create an interesting game of reflections with the lighting by Lluria and Arkoslight that make the visitor appear to be floating in space.
“We are bluefin tuna artisans located in Tarifa, passionate about healthy living and fervently convinced of respect for nature. These three qualities, together with the richness of our environment, allow us to develop a sustainable business model whose objective is to offer bluefin tuna of the highest quality to the most demanding consumers. This binomial sustainability and quality is the essence of our business project.”

Juan Carlos Mackintosh, Manager


LOCAL DESIGN: the design of the interior lining is inspired by a rock formation called Flysch found on the coast of Tarifa.

QUALITY: JC Mackintosh's fishing protocol prevents animal suffering, enhancing the quality of wild tuna in its original state.

SUSTAINABILITY: JC Mackintosh fishes on demand, thus avoiding the dramatic consequences of overfishing.

Sustainability, Quality and Animal Welfare: the values ​​of JC Mackintosh.

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