This protocol that we use avoids animal suffering, they are executed by hand at the moment of capture and are essential to enhance all the quality of the tuna in its original state.

As with a rough diamond or a noble wood, it depends on how that diamond is polished or how that noble wood is worked by a cabinetmaker, its maximum splendor will be obtained and a lower quality result will be obtained. We are bluefin tuna artisans, the jewel in the tuna crown, and through the Mackintosh 5 Steps technique we manage to maintain the fabulous quality of authentic wild bluefin tuna from Tarifa.

In the fishing activity we find 3 well-defined categories: Industrial Fishing, Artisanal Fishing and Sport Fishing, with only the first two categories being those that can legally market their catches. The difference between these 3 categories is better understood if we compare it with other types of activities, such as cooking. Industrial kitchen, artisan kitchen (author or market) and domestic kitchen. None of them is better or worse than the others by nature, they are just different types of procedures and results for different types of situations and needs.

We, at JC Mackintosh, due to our volume of quota (catch), due to the size of our boats, and due to the distance from the coast at which we fish, develop an artisanal fishing activity. We are dedicated to fishing wild bluefin tuna and we do it with a hook, one by one.

This allows us to have a direct connection with the product and take care of each step of the capture process. The DNA of our business model revolves around three commitments that we take very seriously: Sustainability, Animal Welfare and Quality. The Mackintosh 5 Steps technique that we have developed puts these three commitments into practice when catching tuna.

The Mackintosh 5 Steps are made up of:

1.- Fishing Without Suffering

2.- Ike Jime sacrifice

3.- Complete bleeding

4.- Gutted

5.- Controlled cooling

Where to eat Mackintosh tuna in Tarifa

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