Enjoy the best crunchy toast with smoked bluefin tuna loin JC Mackintosh. Read this article and get to know this tasty recipe.

The best recipe for crispy toast of JC Mackintosh Smoked Loin carpaccio, fresh cheese and candied tomatoes.

Ingredients Crispy toast with smoked red tuna loin, fresh cheese and tomatoes.
30 gr Fried or toasted Galician bread
30 gr Candied tomatoes cut in half
20 gr Mozzarella Boconccini cut in half
10 gr creme fraiche add flake salt
0.1 gr fresh basil (defoliate)
25 gr Smoked Tuna Loin JC Mackintosh cut into small pieces
w/ dried oregano
1 gr Arbequina oil

Preparation recipe crispy smoked tuna loin toast with fresh cheese and candied tomatoes.
1. Use some kind of crusty bread or fry a slice of Galician bread.
2. Spread the Crème fraîche and add a few flakes of salt.
3. Put the semi-dried tomatoes cut in half and the cheese balls as well.
4. Put the basil leaves, a few drops of olive oil, on top of the JC Mackintosh Smoked Tuna Loin and sprinkle a little oregano.

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