Every now and then our clients ask us about the best way to freeze the bluefin tuna that they buy from us. Conventional freezing methods have a big problem in the food industry, they don´t keep the freshness of the product when defrosting it. Who hasn´t experienced the loss of colour, flavour, moisture and texture when thawing a product? How can we solve this problem?

This problem is now over. From now on, in addition to fresh or smoked bluefin tuna, at JC Mackintosh we also sell frozen bluefin tuna with Proton magnetic technology, a new technology imported from Japan that is revolutionating the freezing process. The Proton Magnetic Freeze changes everything.

The reason behind the evident loss of quality when defrosting a product is that the ice particles that are created within the cell wall of the food during the conventional freezing process break the cells, and when the product is thawed, this cell break expels a large amount of moisture. When this happens, the flavour and texture of the frozen product is irreversibly damaged.

This innovative magnetic freezing technology, marketed under the name of Proton, freezes the cells by ordering them through a magnetic process in such a way that it does not break their molecular structure, thus maximizing the preservation of freshness, flavour and texture of frozen products.

In practical terms, this means that when we defrost the product, it does not release moisture and it is just like fresh. It is a real breakthrough in the food freezing process. The main benefit of magnetic freezing is quality preservation. Its magnetic waves prevent ice crystals from growing and spreading, keeping the cell wall structure almost identical to the previous state of a non-frozen product.

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