Wether we consider fruit, vegetables, meat or fish, when we talk about a natural food product, there is nothing like buy it fresh.

The specific qualities of each product that makes it stand out from others in terms of quality (taste, color, smell, texture, vitamins, proteins, etc...), stands out more in its fresh state above any other state of conservation.

Fresh Bluefin Tuna

If we talk about fresh wild fish, and specifically bluefin tuna, unfortunately it is less common (and therefore more exquisite) to find it fresh. The bluefin tuna is an animal that in its wild state is in constant migration. That is why each place in the world through which it passes during its constant migration, has its bluefin tuna fishing season.

But there are two places in the world where we can find bluefin tuna throughout the year. One is the Tsugaru Strait in Japan and the other is the Gibraltar Strait, right where we are, in Tarifa.

In this article you can read more about this topic. The fact is that due to this immense luck that we tarifeños have, not only to be able to have excellent quality raw material, but also to be able to fish it professionally throughout the year, we can sell it fresh so that our customers can enjoy this gift of the gods in its maximum splendor.

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