Sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing.

Wild-Caught Bluefin Tuna from Tarifa fished on request.

Delivery time for smoked produce: 24/48 hours.

Delivery time for fresh produce: orders placed before Wednesday at 12 noon are delivered the following Friday.

We only ship to mainland Spain.








Always Fresh

We catch wild bluefin tuna year-round, serving it fresh in the national and international market.
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2016 -


We are importers of this Japanese fishing equipment, first to use it in Spain, and possibly also in Europe.
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2016 -


This Japanese slaughtering technique is a quality reference, and not everyone applies it properly. It is a technique that requires precise and laborious execution.
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2019 -

Fishing tourism

We are the first fishery with “Pesca Turismo” licence in Andalusia. Under this licence we can embark passengers with us to show them how we fish bluefin tuna.
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2021 -

On-board traceability

We are so committed to the legality of bluefin tuna fishing that we do not wait to arrive at the port to trace it, we begin to trace it on board as soon as the catch is made.
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2022 -

Subasta Online

We have created a computerized online auction system through which the tuna is sold by auction as soon as it has been caught.
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Fishing on demand

We are environmentally committed; thus, we are pioneers in wild-caught bluefin tuna on demand. We catch only what we have previously sold, avoiding the harmful consequences of overfishing.
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Tuna Stunner

We are also pioneers in applying capture techniques consistent with animal welfare that avoids unnecessarily suffering.
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Restaurant Signs

We clearly identify the restaurants that offer authentic JC Mackintosh Bluefin Tuna.
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Naturally Smoked

We sell the only low combustion naturally smoked wild-caught bluefin tuna on the market.
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We have started the full evaluation process under the MSC sustainable fishing standard to certify our bluefin tuna catches. The MSC label certifies sustainable and well-managed fisheries. If the evaluation is completed successfully, we will be the third bluefin tuna fishery in the world to hold it, the first one in Spain, and the first fishery of any marine species in Andalusia with this prestigious certificate.
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